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EatPlayGrow™ Testimonials and Press

  • I am thrilled that the Children's Museum of Manhattan is working on the EatSleepPlay™ initiative, and I want to thank you for your commitment to improving the health of our Nation's children
  • - Michelle Obama
  • EatSleepPlay™ is exactly the leadership that the First Lady hoped for, couldn't even dreamed of, when we launched Let's Move! four years ago. This is the kind of collaboration and creativity and determination and hard work that it's going to take [to end childhood obesity]. Through the partnerships with the NIH and the We Can! program, CMOM has really created an innovative, fun, interactive set of tools and curriculum that are going to be a support throughout the entire country.
  • - Sam Kass, Executive Director, Let's Move! and White House Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy
  • New York City is a better place because of this Museum.
  • - Congressman Jerrold Nadler, NY State
  • IMLS identifies and invests in the most promising works happening in museums and libraries today, so it will come as no surprise that the Children's Museum of Manhattan has a great track record of support. The Museum is consistently recognized as an innovator and leader and we know when we invest in CMOM, we will have a great return.
  • - Susan Hildreth, Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • At the NIH our core mission is investing in the discovery of new knowledge, but also making sure that the established knowledge we have is made broadly available to communities around the country so that individuals can live longer, healthier lives. With the addition of the EatPlayGrow™ curriculum, we anticipate widespread uptick in dissemination and look forward to bringing this great curriculum to a much greater network of community organizations.
  • - George A. Mensah, MD, Senior Advisor, NIH/NHLBI
  • CMOM's health project is the perfect philanthropic investment we like to make. [CMOM and its] partners have created an effective tool that can be utilized nation-wide.
  • - Joseph Snodgrass, Chief Operating Officer, Office of Corporate Engagement, Goldman Sachs
  • The CMOM training has helped us focus on how to work together to spread the message of healthy eating at our center. Before this year we all had the motivation to change the policies in our center but the training this year gave us the opportunity and the tools to learn how to work together and best put forth the concepts we have learned.
  • - East Harlem Head Start Teacher
  • Seeing the impact of CMOM's training methodology and EatSleepPlay™ program on the Head Start teachers and families at my center has been a dream. The holistic approach is exciting, unique and critical to reaching and supporting families, teachers and the entire community.
  • - Brooklyn Head Start Teacher
  • I've changed what I serve children. After the trainings, I realized that the problem wasn't the kids not wanting to try new healthy foods...it was me and what I was serving them.
  • - Bronx Head Start Teacher
  • Parents are starting to see themselves as partners with the Center to help transform the classroom. The trainings helped us understand how being consistent with health messages can be a magnifying influence for parents on how they choose to make healthy decisions for their children.
  • - Bronx Head Start Director
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